5.0.0 Final!

We missed updating this blog but we're still very excited to announce version 5.0.0 of the neo4j and neo4j-core gems. In fact we're up to 5.0.1 already! Set your Gemfiles to ">~ 5.0.0" for the latest!

We've been working hard to maintain good CHANGELOG habits according to keepachangelog.com so you can check out the CHANGELOGS for neo4j and neo4j-core for the latest. To summarize the big points:

  • Eager loading!
  • Lots of speed improvements (thanks to Chris)!
  • ActiveNode associations now require a relationship type (via type, origin, or rel_class)
  • Associations and query chain objects now show a simpler, cleaner object in the console (including the query which will be executed)
  • Neo4j rake tasks now show more complete output and fail when an exit code is non-zero
  • Lots of code refactoring (via rubocop) and other improvements!

There are other exciting (if technical) notes in the CHANGELOGs. Check them out and try the gems!

See our README for the best ways to get help!

Posted 2015/06/26 by Brian Underwood
Tagged with releases, news